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Why Use A Recruiter

Conducting a thorough search on your own while also juggling an existing job and your personal life is extremely difficult. In fact, many professionals will become discouraged and give up their search; resigning themselves to accept a lesser position than they originally wanted or remaining in the job they were already dissatisfied.
A qualified recruiter will not only help you find and obtain the job you want; they will make the process efficient and comfortable.

Most of us know individuals who have had a positive experience with a search firm and would recommend using one. Conversely, we may know others who had a very negative experience and understandably advise against using a firm. Who is right and who is wrong? They are both correct since each is basing their answer on personal experience.

So how do you personally decide whether to utilize a search firm and, more importantly, which firm to use?

There are certain things to consider as you evaluate utilizing a firm for your search. Taking these points into consideration will help you make a more informed decision and hopefully lead to a positive experience leaving you as an advocate for using a search firm.

Factors For Consideration

Experience - How much experience does the recruiter and his/her firm have in your particular field? There are excellent recruiters in all fields. You should seek an experienced recruiter who specializes in one or two professions rather than one who handles multiple fields and therefore finds their focus highly divided throughout their day.
  • Key Points
    • How much experience do they have as a recruiter overall?
    • How much experience do they have working with your profession?
    • How many people have they placed in your field?
    • How many different professions do they currently recruit for?

Confidence & Trust - Finding out how much relevant experience a recruiter has can help determine your level of confidence but you also need to be comfortable with them to have true confidence. Your level of comfort with a recruiter is typically based on how trustworthy you find them to be. Trust is something typically gained over time as opposed to one or two preliminary conversations. So how do you assess your level of trust in a recruiter early in the process?

  • Key Points
    • Do you approve of how they communicate or do they seem pushy?
    • Do they truly answer your questions or seem to deflect them?
    • In speaking with them is it apparent that they are knowledgeable about your field?
    • Do they listen to learn about your interests and needs or do they try to force a position on you?
    • Is your confidentiality guaranteed? They should not release your name or credentials to a prospective employer without first reviewing the position details with you and gaining your permission to do so.
    • After you have started working with a recruiter also assess if they follow through with what they said they would do, whether that be a return phone call or obtaining information for you as agreed upon.

Services – A qualified recruiter and search firm will provide the following as a part of their services.

  • Key Points
    • Resume review
    • Compensation analysis
    • Market analysis
    • Interview preparation and coaching
    • Contract negotiation assistance
    • Placement follow-up (Staying in touch to help ensure a smooth transition to your new job)